Nic salts are different than freebase nic. You need to vape a little, only when needed. DO NOT chain vape on nic salts. Try to begin with lower nic salt strength, and if you do not feel satisfaction, you may move up to higher mg. However, be very careful with going higher Nic Salt strengths.


  1. Take 2 or 3 puffs (Do NOT vape more than that).
  2. Keep the pod system away for 24 hours.
  3. Observe yourself through this time and see if there are any changes in your health.
  4. Simple cough or a mild headache is normal.
  5. If you develop any tightness in your chest or notice any breathing problems that prolong for a few hours, that is not normal.
  6. Observe yourself for 24 hours and if everything with you is ok, you are not allergic to that particular Nic Salt. You can continue to vape without any worries.
  7. If you have any breathing problems and/or you observe any other problems (stomach pain, vomiting, etc), you are allergic to that particular Nic Salt. Stop and buy some other company’s Nic Salts.
  8. If it is just stomach pain or mild problems, there is nothing to worry about. Just drink lots of water, juices and other liquids to flush the nic out of your system. This may take from 3 to 7 days, depends from individual to individual.
  9. If you observe some serious issues like problem with breathing, pain in the chest or any other serious problems, please seek medical attention immediately.
  10. If Nic Salts from a particular company suit you, just use Nic Salts from that company alone. If you wish to try any other company’s nic salts, please follow this protocol to avoid any problematic situations.


In no way I’m trying to say that Nic Salts may be the best thing that happened to vaping. But since we do not have enough info, there is no harm in taking certain precautions.

**Nic Salts are NOT for sub-ohming. Please be careful on how you use Nic Salts.

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