Eliquid is the solution used in an electronic cigarette to produce its vapor, flavor, and in some cases “throat hit” (Throat hit is a term used to describe the bite in your throat produced by nicotine e-liquid vapor.)

18 years and over is the legal age for vaping and purchasing any vape related items on this site.

Yes, absolutely. All your banking information is processed via secure and established payment gateways or wallets. All your personal information is processed in secured servers with advance technology security protocols. We take security of information very seriously.

Eliquid products does not come under any warranty as Flavour are subjective.

Many e-liquids that some find amazing, others dislike, so we cannot offer refunds or returns simply because you do not like the taste of an e-juice. We apologize for this in advance.

Due to the fact that we cannot ascertain if e liquids have been doctored / tampered with we are not able to accept returns of any E liquids whether they are unopened, unused or remain sealed unless we have sent you incorrect liquids in your order.

  • Over 6.1 million smokers in Europe have successfully quit cigarettes because of vaping, and 9 million plus have reduced cigarette consumption with the use of e cigarettes. Many find e cigarettes to be far more effective than gums or patches as a harm reduction tool.
  • Many vapers claim to start with a 12mg or 6mg e-liquid, and with time as their body demands lesser, they move down to 3mg or 0mg strength, to ultimately not even vaping at all.

Vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking. According to Many studies vaping doesn’t have tar, tobacco and the other harmful chemicals found in a cigarette. A healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes, vaping is significantly safer.


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